Benefits of Tamarind Not Seasam Taste

Not only delicious as a vegetable or herbal ingredients, it turns out the benefits of tamarind can support body health. This is because there are various nutritional contents in it. Tamarind or tamarind is a tropical plant originating from India. This tamarind tree produces edible fruit and is often used as a cooking ingredient and in drinks concoctions throughout the world. Recognize the Benefits of Tamarind In general, tamarind is safe for consumption. There are various benefits of tamarind, although some benefits still require further research. Here are some possible benefits of tamarind for health: Treat dry eyes Tamarind seed extract is thought to be used as eye drops to relieve symptoms of dry eye. The researchers suspect that tamarind contains chemicals similar to mucin in the eye. Mucin is a protein that lines the surface of the eyeball and serves to protect and wet the corneal surface of the eye. Overcoming constipation or constipation Java acid is thought t
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